bridget lorentz
Co-Founder + Creative Badass

Bridget has been destined to be a designer since elementary school. Entering every single poster and coloring contest; then making posters and decorating friend’s lockers for birthdays and special occasions in high school. Now, with 25 successful years in the industry under her belt, she’s still largely passionate about design and branding.

Bridget earned her BS in Graphic Design with a Minor in Advertising from The University of Minnesota. She has experience working in agencies large and small, all while running her own freelance business on the side. She has created everything from logos, brochures, websites, billboards, wall murals, signage, photoshop renderings, and everything in between.

When not dreaming in hexadecimal colors, Bridget enjoys yoga, strength training, and enjoying a plethora of outdoor activities with her family (Husband Aaron, teenage kiddos Piper and Cruz and their dog Asa).

"A logo is merely a symbol, a gateway to the vast landscape of experiences that truly define a brand."    - Bridget