about us

Your trusted partner in your branding journey.

Effective brand marketing helps businesses establish a strong market presence, differentiate themselves from competitors, and create long-lasting relationships with their target audience. It requires a strategic approach and consistent efforts across various marketing channels. Tandem Creative Group is ready to partner in your branding journey.

our story

A tale of two opposites.

Tandem Creative Group was the brainchild of a brand strategist, Alicia Gempel, and brand designer, Bridget Lorentz - a match made in heaven. The merging of strategy and creative talents result in the best of both for our clients. One cannot thrive without the other.

Alicia and Bridget had been freelancing separately for years but often collaborated on projects. The effectiveness and magic of the union was clear, thus Tandem Creative Group was born.

The Tandem Team

The suspense is over. When the stars align, and opposites join forces, a dream team is born.

Alicia Gempel
Alicia Gempel
Co-Founder | Brand Connoisseur  

Equal parts analytical and creative.

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Bridget Lorentz
Bridget Lorentz
Co-Founder | Creative Kickassery

Destined to be a designer.

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Patrick LaBreche
Senior Graphic Designer

Versatile Designer + Illustrator.

Elia Giuliani
Graphic Designer

Multi-talented creative.

our values

What makes us roll...

Our mission is simple: help our clients present the best version of their brand to the world. To do our best work we believe in the following set of values.

We work in tandem with our clients

Pun intended. We are true partners. We work for you, with you, and because of you.

We play nice

For real. We like nice people. Which is why we make great partners. We are down to earth, and some may even say fun.  After all, we LOVE what we do.

Sense of Urgency, always

We believe your branding partner (and any partner) should always respond with a sense of urgency. We are fast paced, and yes a tad high strung, because we know how important your business is to you.